Bragi Tea


A warm and spicy blend for the Skald Himself.

This is how I imagine poetry tastes like, sweet, slightly spicy, and warming.

Offer this to Bragi, share a cup with Him, or simply enjoy as you peruse a book of poetry. Also a fortification whilst writing your own stories or songs!

Comes in a 20 serving bag of 1 tsp per cup of water.

Have a look at Bragi’s devotional tea, or check out my other devotional teas. I’m currently fleshing out Northern Gods, but definitely have plans for a few other region’s Gods in the future!


And of course, my fantastical teas, which will be based on delicious foods and drinks to be found in fantastical stories. Currently, there is only Butterbeer, but I am working on Turkish Delight (no worries, I won’t be putting any evil magick inside the tea, compelling you to betray your siblings most horribly 😉 ).

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