Full Moon Tea

Full Moon

A lovely warm drink for your Full Moon rituals or observance (no ritual required!). Green tea blended with mugwort, plum, fennel and jasmine. For a floral and fruity tea, it is surprisingly full flavoured.

Sold 20 teaspoons to a bag to bring you 20 cups of tea. Just add it to 1 cup of almost boiling water.

You can find the Full Moon tea here, and have a gander at other magical teas here.


8 thoughts on “Full Moon Tea

  1. A word of warning about the inclusion of mugwort: Etsy will probably deactivate your listing because of it, unfortunately. (This happened to me, and I had only used it to dress a candle.) It is illegal to ship it to some areas in the US.

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  2. I’m actually really relieved to see that mugwort isn’t on their list anymore, since I also wanted to do some herbal-infused oils. But they take the regulations very seriously, and so does Paypal; I recently got a listing removed for having “Burmese jade” in it (which violates a US trade agreement apparently.)

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    • Oooh, I’m totally into the loose incense idea!!
      And thank you again!!! I was looking for information on prohibited herbs! Well, I suppose my Beltaine damiana blend will be for myself, lol. Before you just sent that, I did check if others were selling mugwort on there, and they were so I figured it was actually ok. The US tends to be pretty particular about herbs and such.
      That stinks about your listing, Beth. I hope there isn’t a ton of jade left in your stock that you can’t use! There are so many laws and agreements when you start getting into things, it can be maddening!

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