Yule Father Tea


This tea, guys. THIS. TEA.

This is a tea based version of a minty hot chocolate, and it is divine! I am actually having a hard time trying not to drink it, to be honest with you! I know I have other teas to make, and that requires drinking them, but this one just wants to be in my mouth.

Black tea, candy cane, Belgian milk chocolate, and coconut make one delicious cup of tea. It truly tastes like a cup on hot chocolate, except you’re not going to be getting 1000 teaspoons of sugar in it. The chocolate and mint flavours also do not overwhelm the taste of tea which comes at the end of a sip. And where does the coconut fit into all this flavour? It provides a lovely, warm nutty flavour to round it all out.

I’m planning on making a big batch of it for my household, as well as for gifting friends and family. It is definitely something I will be sipping on through the winter, and I won’t have to feel terrible about ingesting a ton of sugar either!

It was created with the Fathers of Yuletide in mind, no matter what name you call Them by. So share it with your family and friends as you get cozy after being in the cold. Share it with your favourite Yuletide God, or offer it up to Them. I also highly recommend just drinking this any old time! 😉

You can check out Yule Father tea, or have a gander at the other teas in my shop.

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