Freyja Tea


Listed just yesterday, a nummy tea for the Beautiful Vanic Lady!

A honeybush tea base (which does in fact lend a honey-like flavour, yum!) laced with honeyed and spiced orange and nectarine, and just a hint of rose. This tea is a scrumptious dessert to be shared with your lover, with Freyja Herself, or offered up to Her.

You can check out the listing here, and view more of my teas in my shop!

Prices have been adjusted to be close to 10$/bag CDN. Unfortunately when you price an item in Etsy, you have to do it in USD, so I get to keep up with the exchange rate. They are now 7.50$ USD, and currently 10.23$ CDN. Thankfully I caught that before I sold very many! And before I sold any to my fellow Canadians ❤

In other news… I am working away on a delicious, wintery Yule tea today that I think I shall be blending a big batch and photographing shortly! It’s so sweet that I get to make delicious teas that I can sip on all day as I test and perfect my recipes 😀 The Gods have truly blessed me with an amazing idea!

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