Pop Culture Paganism and The Empty God

THIS. ARTICLE. RIGHT. HERE. I can’t even right now, I have so much head nodding happening.
As much as we like to think we know, we just seriously have no clue. The whole idea that our ideas can become reality, or perhaps were inspired by another reality, another plane, by these beings, these people…

Magick From Scratch

This post by Heather and this one by Emily Carlin have got me thinking.

I generally limit my discussions of my own gnosis to those things which are helpful to whatever point I’m trying to make. However.

When mystics get together to discuss their experiences, and when, in that discussion, patterns emerge, I generally tend to move those commonalities out of the “crazy astral shit” category to the “possibly helpful to explore more deeply” category.

I understand why pop culture spirits make people uncomfortable, but they are real.

tkaz5 The by-the-book guy who sticks to his research.

From the moment a baby Pagan takes their first steps into the world of Pagan community, they are fed messages about who they should and should not scorn and make fun of. They catch on, pretty quickly, that there are respectable ways of practicing, and ways that will make you a social pariah. This stems…

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