It’s Bread Season!

We’ve been having quite a warm autumn, here in southwestern Ontario! This week’s daytime temperatures are 15°C + when most years, it had already snowed on Halloween. I wouldn’t mind the warmth so much if it wasn’t for the fact that climate change isn’t actually good.

But enough of spoiling the joy of this post!


Buns…. Oh, glorious buns! I don’t know how it happened, but last year, after years of bread making, I found a recipe that totally works for me and my sourdough starter! Fluffy, delicious bread to be had without fail it seems! To be noted, while I do enjoy a good sourdough, I haven’t armed to find the right flour mix to create the best sourdough flavour, so I use the started to make actually target bread since I hate homemade bread that’s made without it, much too bland!

It’s also nice having a bread maker too to handle the initial knead and first rise! Especially since my right wrist and forearm seems to likely have some sort of repetitive motion issues happening.

So although today the windows were open for the warm breeze, I just had to have this deliciousness! It reminds me of my memère’s bread, and my childhood. Also, life yeast culture! Who doesn’t love the frothy goodness of yeast?! OK, I realise I’m biased… Mead maker and all…

I hope you all are treating yourself to good food as the days grow colder (maybe?).


2 thoughts on “It’s Bread Season!

  1. Your bread looks seriously edible. And, yea, it’s been oddly warm here (in NYC) the last 2-3 days. Temperatures keep fluctuating: it’s in the 50’s then back up to the 70’s. Bah.

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    • Why thank you!! It was very tasty, though I know the sourdough starter will get tastier the longer it lives… delicious bread all winter! If we have a winter…
      Jeez… I know my grandparents in New Brunswick have had 3 C during the day (37F)… so perhaps it is coming, just not in its usual time! It’s screwing me up, because I love each season when it’s its time, and whilst all the trees have changed and many are bare, I want to get cozy inside, not have the windows open!!!


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