Reading for the Week – Oct 25-31

2015-10-25 11.41.19

Start of the Week
XIV Temperance
At the start of this week, it’s going to be all about balance, of ensuring all aspects of your life can come together in a way that doesn’t make you topple one way or the other. Take a moment to evaluate what’s important to you, each part of who you are and the relationships you hold; look for where you’re falling short (and how that’s affected you and those around you), and look where you may be spending too much time that takes you from other things that are more important to you. You do not need to sacrifice yourself for your career if you see nothing from those sacrifices. You do not need to spend all your time focusing on someone else’s problems whilst ignoring your own to fester. 

VI The Lovers
Perhaps after the inital rebalancing act of the week, you’ll rediscover the importance of intimacy with your partner. If you are not romantically involved, this could mean a surge within you to get creative, to get in touch with the inspirations that create art, music, food, dance, even decorating and making your space reflect what is within you. It can also be a good time to show yourself some love and compassion.

Week End
Knight Pentacles
It’s time to start thinking of what you want out of life come the weekend. How do you want your career/family/relationships/interests to look like? How do you see yourself getting to that place? When we ensure our foundation is strong, we can build taller. Use practicality to see how you can make what’s important to you fit together. Remember flexibility, for things are always changing, and if you keep that in mind, you’ll be well rewarded.

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