Reading for the Week – Oct 19-25

2015-10-18 20

Beginning of the Week
VI Wands
A celebration of accomplishments is at hand. It is good to come back from your adventures and your victories to share and enjoy what your triumphs means and brings to you as well as those around you. You’ve earned your honour and the respect of those around you.

II Pentacles
Though the beginning of the week is joyful and well deserved, mid-week, you will need to focus on how you balance things within your life. Since it’s pentacles that are depicted here, it could be a balancing act between your financials and what you’d like to spend your money on. Perhaps it’s how much you need vs the career and money you make. Pay attention to the details, when it comes to balancing things out, figure out where you could be leaner, or what opportunities could help even things out.

End of Week
XIII Death
It seems though the start of the week brought you joy in your accomplishments, you will come to the end of the week and see that things are beginning to transform for you. Change is on the wind. Everything, no matter how much we love it, comes to an end so that it can provide nourishment for the next thing to flourish. It will be an adjustment, but all life is change, we are constantly evolving into the people we will be, even to the last moments of life.

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10 thoughts on “Reading for the Week – Oct 19-25

    • Right there with you! I’m so glad I found this deck, it is gorgeous! The majors have finer paintings than the minors do, but still beautiful! The colours are so rich 🙂
      It’s the Llewellyn deck, in case you’re wondering 😉

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      • Thank you for letting me know which deck you are using … in your opinion, is it a deck that suits itself for novices, as well? Also, do you have experience divining with the runes? If so, what would you point out as differences? I ask this because runes are something I do understand … a comparison by someone who has worked with both might bring me a bit further 🙂

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        • Of course! 🙂
          Hmm, the imagery (especially in the minor arcana) is pretty much spot on with regular Rider-Waite depictions and symbols. The Majors show Welsh myths and Gods, so if you are familiar with Them, it helps a bit. I would say learning the tarot with any deck would take a while since there are 78 cards, each with its own meaning, symbols, and depths to be explored. Insofar as this particular deck, I feel the art speaks to the meaning of the cards well, as again, it follows the established R-W.

          As for runes, I am in need of a new set! I haven’t divined with them nearly as much or for as long as with tarot, but I enjoy the more blunt answers you can get with them. Runes have always felt straight to the point when I’ve read with them. There is most definitely depth to be explored with then as well, but the answers I get always seem quite a bit more focused.

          I hope that want all too incoherent! 🙂

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          • Wow – thank you for the explanation! I am going to give this idea some time to move around in my mind … this deck, along with two others, really has my attention at this point (those other two being Archeon and Fantastical Creatures). I have been comfortable with the runes almost from the beginning, and am not necessarily looking for something to replace them with; but I think at least picking up some of the basics with tarot wouldn’t be amiss. And, in all honesty, if it turned out that I were more comfortable with tarot than with the runes even; then I don’t see where that would be a bad thing, either … no dread for that which is different 🙂

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          • No problem!! 🙂
            It took me a while to get my first deck, besides the RW I received a long time ago, to choose which one really spoke to me before I purchased it! There’s so many beautiful decks out there!!

            You know, I think the more tools you have at your disposal, the better! 😉


          • I’ve read in several places that RW is what a beginner should start with … what is your opinion about this? The Archeon deck also speaks to me; but I’ve read that there is really little documentation to go along with it. With the runes, I was able to ‘make them mine’ by going through the lore and letting everything coalesce in my mind … do tarot decks work the same way?

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          • I think simply because the RW is what most tarot decks are based off of, it is a good one to start with. Here’s where I’m going to be ambiguous about it, I think. So long as you’re getting a tarot deck, there will be differences, but it’s really up to you if you want to start with the RW. The RW does have a lot of symbolism that you can delve into to find deeper meaning; however, if you’re not interested in ALL of those symbols, and if you want to go with something that feels right for you, and you enjoy looking at, go with that.

            Decks will always have meanings for different situations, and with 78 cards, they can definitely get to the point despite differences between decks. My method is to read the book, see what kind of symbols the artist employed, figure out how that works for me; but mainly, I use my gut to tell me exactly what a card means in any given reading.

            As far as the Archeon deck, I think this is where you can decide if you want to take a bit of a leap in the dark… you can pick the deck up and allow yourself to completely create your own meanings for the cards. I’d suggest keeping a journal with what each card evokes for you. This would be a bit of work, but learning the cards from their written meanings is also work!

            I think your method with the Runes could be employed with the Tarot as well, though obviously the Tarot (unless it is specifically tied to a pantheon’s stories/symbols) doesn’t have that strong connection to specific Gods, as Odinn is connected to the Runes, or pantheons.

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