Reading of the Week – Oct 4-10

2015-10-04 12.06.52

Beginning of the Week
Page of Wands
A message is coming. Do not back away or hide from it, it is something you need to hear, something to help you get back on track. It is a message of fire, of passion, of will, and the daring of doing. Dismiss it at your own risk.

XVI – The Tower
Your early week warning came, and come mid-week, things are going to be turned on their head. If you took the opportunity to prepare, you will be able to weather this change, but remember, the Tower takes you out of your comfort zone, it releases you from ignoring the world around you and how you contribute to it.

End of Week
VI – The Lovers
After the storm has passed and you come to the needful rearanging of your world, you will be supported. You will find that which balances you, whether it is from a lover (the ways in which they make up for your shortcomings and vice versa), or someone else important to you; it could also come from an aspect of yourself you have been ignoring. No matter the source, you will find the balance to create something better for yourself.

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Blessings, dear, gentle readers!

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