Reading for the Week – Sept 27-Oct 3

2015-09-27 11.04.05

Beginning of Week
Ace Bows
It’s time to take up that project or idea you’ve had brewing in your mind for a while now and put it to work. Last week was about getting rid of what wasn’t useful and making the most of the harvest to be done in our lives and within our own selves. This week, it’s time to take what your intuition, your gut, had been telling you was the right thing, and run with it. There’s only one way to go from here, and that’s up.

Mid Week
II Cups
You’ll also get some help along the way with your new project. Whether this is all within yourself, all the different aspects you hold within you, or other people, you will find hamony, balance and support to do whatever it is you need to.

Week End
XVIII The Moon
More intuition here, more emotion driving you forward. The Moon shows us a more primal reaction to things, reaction that doesn’t require much thought or rationalizing. When we listen to our intuition, when we follow what brings forth a well spring of emotion within us, we can find ourselves feeling fulfilled and nourished by it. The path is never clear with The Moon, but it’s one that the heart knows.

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