Reading for the Week – Sept 13-19, 2015

2015-09-12 10.41.47

Beginning of the Week
IX Cups
You will feel like you have everything that you need, or want, and are ready to share it with the world. There is a generosity that comes in the message of this card which stems from security and confidence. Look at how the woman is firmly seated, the wind blowing, yet she is solidly in place, a smile on her face. Take comfort in what you have in your life that is abundant.

II Cups
A partnership of some sort, whether romantic or no, is going to be a boon to you. Where you fall short, your other half picks up the slack, vice versa. Where you may be feeling overwhelmed, or sad, or even ill, they will carry you forward, knowing you will be there for them in kind one day. Appreciate the love and support you share with the ones close to your heart.

End of Week
Ace Cups
Another cup!
The Ace of Cups is filled to overflowing, where perhaps your well may have been dry or dwindling down to the last drops, now you have more than enough water flowing up to quench your thirst.
This is all connected to the spirit, the things that bring you joy; if you were feeling as though life was becoming void of things that truly fulfil and nourish your heart and soul, even work, now is the time when that is turned around.

It seems as though the coming week is going to be plenty awesome, lots of love, lots of contentment. I think it bodes well as autumn is beginning to blanket the land, and it’s generally the time of year to take stock of what we have.

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