A Month (or two) for Baldr – XIX – Traits I Admire & Find Troubling

Oh jeez, where do I start?
Baldr is very playful, He enjoys laughing and joking around. He helps me to not get so deep into the depressive bouts that come around. It’s not that He dismisses it, but encourages working through it, and relaizing this is not how it is always going to be. That I can feel really shitty for a week or two, but then I will eventually get back to feeling fine, feeling able to do all the things I generally do around here.

He is definitely Someone Who can always see the silver lining.

I also have been loving that He is enamoured with every moment, with the wonder to be found in almost any situation. I adore this about Him, especially in a world that continues to move faster and faster, where being in the moment isn’t what matters, but where we’re going. Unfortunately once we get there, there’s somewhere else we need to get to… and on, and on. He is very mindful, and full of appreciation for what each moment brings. He’s a good influence πŸ™‚

I can’t really speak to anything I have found difficult about Him as of yet. The relationship is still pretty fresh, honestly, not even a year old. I’m sure things will unfold as they always do in time.


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