A Month (or two) for Baldr – XVIII – Gender & Sexuality

I feel that this is a subject we put too much emphasis on, whether it’s in regards to Gods and spirits, or other human beings. For me, a p/Person is a p/Person. Gentialia doesn’t matter much, sexuality is a lot more fluid than we like to believe. However a p/Person enjoys sexuality is t/Their own business, and t/Those t/They share it with.

I don’t like to view the interactions I may have with any given p/Person and decide that that is the only lense with which I will forever and forever see t/Them and how t/They are, amen. I hate putting myself in boxes, and I’ll be damned if I try to do that to a/Anyone else, especially a God, Who are all vast and infinite beyond what we can even comprehend.

So where does this leave us with Baldr? In “the Lore”, we see Him as being pretty cis-male and hetero. He fights to win Nanna, very aggressive and what we’ve been told is very “manly”.

In terms of my own interactions with Him, He always shows as male, and there’s definitely a lot of male-flavoured virility to Him. Perhaps this is just to mirror and balance the strength and comfort I have in being female? That is not to say that this would be the case with everyone in terms of what they feel their gender is.
In terms of sexuality, I admit my own sexuality is quite fluid, I really don’t put a label on it, and though I may look hetero to outsiders because of the nearly 10 year relationship I have with my male partner, definitely does not mean that I am hetero, that’s it, the end.
There are MANY ways to have a relationship, whether with other humans or Gods. I personally hate labelling certain behaviours and dynamics with “male” and “female” labels. Being a leader is not inherently a male trait. Being nurturing is not inherently a female trait. They are simply traits that we all have that depends on who we are as people, and how we behave with certain people.

I know this has turned into a rant that’s not really associated with Baldr very much, but I’m not going to put Him into a tiny box. He decides who He interacts with, and with that goes how He interacts. And that is simply not my business. He has shown Himself male and virile to me, but that’s not the be all and end all form He’ll take with everyone else who meets Him. That’s up to what He feels is appropriate to your INDIVIDUAL relationship.


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