A Month (or two) for Baldr – XVII – Relations to Other Deities/Pantheons

This isn’t a topic I can really discuss with any real personal experience. Who I see as Baldr may not, and most likely is not, Who o/Others experience. This includes mortals and spirits. It depends on how He feels about Others, just like any of us. Just because we can be generally polite and amiable to most people, doesn’t mean that people who have wronged us get that same face, or people who we just simply don’t get on with get the warmth we show to those we love or have relationships (in whatever capacity) with.

For the most part, I feel like Baldr is pretty easy going, I feel as though He knows how to work with Those He may not like for the sake of furthering an agenda. This is always a required skill for t/Those w/Who are in positions of Kingship. Not only that, but I feel most deities are quite able and ready to work with Others no matter the Pantheon in order to move forward in what all parties agree upon. (I also feel the Pantheon groupings matter more to us humans than to the Gods anyhow).


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