A Month for Baldr – XVI – His Pantheon and Cultural Origins

Here we talk about how I feel He represents where He was first known to us humans, and His own pantheon.

In terms of the culture that first knew Him, I feel that Baldr fits quite well with the Scandinavian mindset. He was a fierce warrior, His name even points to that. I feel that Baldr was courageous, and a little overzealous at times with the things He’d fight for (Nanna, anyone?). Being a warrior was incredibly important to the northern peoples, as when you go a-raiding, you kind of have to be able to overtake other people. That on top of all the warring with each other… well, you likely know already.

On top of this warrior nature, there’s also that boisterous imagery we have of Vikings, of partying much, doing weird if not hilarious things to entertain one another. Baldr willingly allowed people to throw all manner of weapon at Him, entertaining many an Aesir. I can’t help but wonder if part of that was trying to ease fears from His family, and part of the role you take being a war leader, ensuring morale was high. Again, at the time of His death, I believe He was a wee bit more mature compared to that earlier, and rasher bout with stealing Nanna away, meaning He had likely been aiding His Father and commanding His own group of warriors in the Hunt and knew now what being a leader was about than being a bit of a spoiled prince.

These qualities transfer over to His own family of Gods, His pantheon. We see the Gods reflected in the people who worshipped Them, and I’ve no doubts that the Norse deities came from chaos and wildness before settling into and evolving as time as we perceive it progresses. I also think that the Gods reflected us a bit too in order to better suit the relationships between mortal and God. If you look down your nose on people, you won’t garner much respect from them, not to mention their aid for your causes.

I believe Baldr fits right in with His Family and Godly friends. When I think of the Norse Gods, I think of courage, hospitality, honouring your important relationships, loyalty, knowing when to kick back and enjoy life, and when to get to serious work. There’s a lot of celebrating of victories, of life, and Baldr has always shown me to live in the moment, experiencing each situation, each opportunity, with zest.


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