A Month for Baldr – XV – Mundane Practices

I always feel that the practices you take up really depend not only on Who you have a relationship with, but how They present Themselves to you. There isn’t a catch-all as the Gods are complex and infinite.

As I’ve mentioned before, I often feel Him very present when I’m in the garden. Perhaps this is because I enjoy it so much? Or perhaps there is an interest there for Him all His own. I don’t know. I do know He seems to find beauty in everything, even as I’m picking away weeds, I’ll get a nudge to appreciate the way each plant looks, the fact that it does its job so well.

Perhaps He’s just nudging me to enjoy everything I do, all the minutiae that gets ignored as it’s lost in the day in and day out of things. Perhaps it’s about enjoying being mortal, of feeling everything with this mortal body. I couldn’t possibly know. At least at this point.

Something else I’ve noticed is He enjoys my spot when I take walks on the trail. It’s got a little stream that flows into the river, two old black willow trees, and the sound of a very small water fall gurgling. But maybe this is Him enjoying that this is my spot for a reason, that I enjoy it so much? There is really a lot of appreciation and enjoyment with Him, for everything.

In thinking about this as I write, I really can’t pinpoint any one thing that could be thought of as a mundane practice concerning Him. For me, right now, it is finding joy in everything. Joy in living.

❤ ❤ ❤


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