Western Hypocrites.


2 thoughts on “Western Hypocrites.

  1. I think part of the problematic Western thought is rooted in the tendency to view too much through an economic lense.

    I took a somewhat anti animal sacrifice stance on another blog but part of my reasoning was based on the ‘waste’ issue. Having had more time to digest the issue I see how flawed my reasoning was in light of how the life we eat is treated while it’s alive. By the time we buy it, it’s ‘meat.’ There’s precious little left of it’s shape to remind us of the animal it once was.

    We’ve become so disconnected from nature in the West that we are:

    1. Insensitive to to the life we consume.
    2. Overly sensitive to the life we consume–when we come face to face with the reality of killing of animals, death in general, or anything about reality that makes us uncomfortable.

    It didn’t do much to relieve my discomfort though.
    I don’t know if the Gods feel disrespected if they don’t recieve flesh and blood but I’ve only been Northern polytheist for a year. That’s not enough time to know.

    I would rather that animals with more highly evolved nervous systems not be killed for sacrifice OR food, but I don’t eat meat besides fish anymore, and I know a non-meat eating society won’t happen anytime soon. I

    That being said, I find the living conditions of our livestock to be inhumane, sickening, and deplorable.

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    • Ah yes, this all comes back to balance for me. I am a meat eater, and at some points I do think about not being so, but I would have much less issue with eating meat if all animals were treated with compassion, despite the fact that they will be killed for food.
      From having read over the years about sacrifice and how it is handled, I have never taken issue with it as generally all of the animal is consumed or used in some way. It’s interesting that wasting any part of an animal that is a sacrifice seems to be frowned upon, and I can appreciate that, A life shouldn’t be taken and it not mean anything.

      As far as the Northern Gods, I think They’d still appreciate sacrifice as They once did a long time ago, but it isn’t a must. I think They’re pretty in touch with us here on Midgard, and understand that most of us don’t live in a place or a time where that is necessary, and honestly, it wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice for us any more seeing as there’s such an abundance of food with mega farming, unless one is fairly poor and has to scrape to get by.

      But I absolutely agree that modern living conditions are atrocious, and quite frankly, terrifying. I couldn’t imagine ever being able to treat another living thing as such, even with the knowledge that one day they’d be on my plate.


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