A Month for Baldr – XIV – Worship Changes

The question is basically “how has worship of this Deity changed in modern times?”. Welp, we really have no evidence that He was actively worshiped way in the way back.

However, all worship, or working with, of Deities has most definitely changed over the millennia, there’s no doubt about it. Much has to do with the obvious attempt to wipe out all of the Gods and put in Their place “One True God” with Christianity, and that, unfortunately has given us a big break in the active knowledge and active participation in our ancestors’ practices and relationships with Them.

There isn’t anything quite specific I can say about how people interacted with Him then versus now. What I know is that now, with Him, as with many other Gods, people are forging their own paths with the Gods, many relying upon very personal interactions to guide them to do what the Gods would like and need and what we would like and need. I can’t imagine it being terribly different than back in the days of yore, except now we have our communities largely online instead of tied to a specific piece of land.

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