A Month for Baldr – XIII – Modern Cultural Issues

Well, immediately what comes to mind when I think of what would Baldr be concerned with in general is those who suffer from depression, and the alienation that usually comes with it. Those who cannot find a light in their lives, cannot find what is good and will bring them joy (whether via depression, or a seeming inability to find what makes them happy).

The reason I feel that this important to Him comes from both of His tales about His death. In both, He wastes away for awhile before succumbing to His fated death. I belive that He likely did suffer depression, whether over the fact that He could not have Nanna (Saxo’s version), or that He knew His death was coming, that His entire life was about to change (Snorri’s), and we all know that change is never handled well by anyone. And in the case of a God, knowing that you’d be separated from your family, from the life you knew, unable to go back and live that life anymore… well, that’s pretty heavy stuff. He knows despair.

Along with knowing hopelessness, and dread, it seems that He knows how to get out of it as well. He is likened to the Sun, after all, and I feel that along with lighting up Hel’s domain, He recovered His own light again once He had taken on His new role in Helheim, of adjusting, and seeing what good He could do there.

What I’ve also noticed over the course of o/Our relationship is how fond He is of natural places, meadows full of flowers, crop fields, forests, rivers… anywhere really in nature. I very much feel a strong relationship, and much welcome for Him from the land wherever He goes with me. It simply feels as though He has a strong bond with the earth, that He wishes for a good balance in any ecosystem, including our own human roles upon the earth. This aligns well for me with His marriage to Nanna, who is very earthy to me. I often imagine She would have helped Idunn in the orchards, tending the golden apples which kept the Gods alive and youthful.


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