A Month for Baldr – XII – Associated Places

While there is no conclusive evidence that Baldr had cult, (arguably, the only Gods we know of Who did were Odinn, Frey, and Thor), Baldr was known to the Scandinavian people. When the Saxons went West to Britain, Baldr followed with the rest of Them.

There aren’t really any places named for Him as some of the other Gods (I’m looking at You, Frija/Freyja/Frigg!), but if you look at maps in Scandinavia, you’ll often see His name used for street names, as well as pretty much all the other Gods.

If you are aware of any places in any of the Scandinavian countries, or even given to some Anglo Saxon places, do let me know! I think I saw somewhere that Pol (derivative of Phol) was used in some place names in Britain, but am really unsure as to where I saw that and if the source was right (at least in terms of the namesake representing Baldr).

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