A Month for Baldr – XI – Festivals & Sacred Times

Alas, here is another opportunity to say how little information there is out there, and how few people I’ve seen working with Him with much of their own practice (whether witheld for privacy or simply because the relationship is not primary, or sporadic).

For me, Yule is a big one, it’s a big one for many people generally even outside the connection with their Gods, the Sun will be making its return, easier times are on their way again. Yule is when I officially met Baldr as Himself. Though I found out that He had been hanging around a few weeks prior, I took some time to figure that out, to not necessarily be cautious, but look over what had been going on for me in journeying for the last little while, marking the shift of Who I thought was Odinn, and Who was actually Baldr. Sometimes, They come to us with Other’s faces.

I had notced over the last few months prior to December that Odinn’s looks had been changing, becoming younger, though still very much resembling Him. He was also becoming a bit less SRS BSNSS, and in hindsight I see the slow shift between Odinn being Who I was working with and the hand off to Baldr (not that I don’t work with Odinn anymore, in fact, quite the opposite).

But besides the personal interactions between u/Us, Yule is important because He is an embodiment of the Sun, and while I’m not sure quite yet for myself where I stand insofar as Him as a yearly sacrifice a la Oak King vs. Holly King (though I do tend to lean a bit that way, since I don’t really believe that Ragnarok is a Thing), there is that sort of energy with Yule and Baldr.

Ostara ended up being pretty important too, though more in observance of the Sun’s power than in doing anything terribly significant with Baldr. It just felt important. Perhaps the why for the importance will unfold next Ostara, perhaps. 

And along with Yule, Midsummer was significant. Some bigger things between u/Us were revealed, and of course, if you’ve been playing along, more open communication went back up between u/Us.

So far, that’s all w/We’ve had together, and I’m sure things will evolve over the years.


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