A Month for Baldr – VII – Names/Epithets

Let’s go through the different regional spellings first and get into what His  names mean and His epithets after.

Baldr – Old Norse
Balder – Norse variant
Baldur – German & Icelandic
Baldere – Thuringian
Palter/Paltar – Bavarian
Bealdor/Baldor – Old English
Baldag – Saxon
Baeldaeg/Beldeg – Anglo Saxon

The root meaning of Baldr’s name(s) are connected with “prince, lord, king,” “white, good”, “day”, “shining one,” “white one,” “a god”.

Phol – from the Merseburg Incantation, connected to Fulla/Uolla, it is the masculine form of the name.

His epithets aren’t many, as again, He doesn’t have a large amount of remaining lore.
Son of Odin
Husband of Nanna
Father of Forseti
Possessor of Hrinhorni and Draupnir
Adversary of Hodr
Companion of Hel
God of Tears

Again, not much, and I’m sure more epithets will come along as time goes on.


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