A Month for Baldr – VI – Other Related Deities

Here is where I will talk about other People related to Him that I haven’t met yet. The descriptions will be pretty short as information about Them is pretty easy to come by, and again, I haven’t met Them.

His first wife, possibly human, and mother of Their Child, Forseti.

Baldr and Nanna’s only Child. He is One who oversees justice and reconcilliation, having inherited His Father’s wisdom and sense of keeping things in balance between Others.

Bragi & Idunn
Baldr’s half-Brother via Odinn. It’s always funny to me that I never seem to be drawn to or draw in return Gods of art, song, poetry. Alas, I haven’t had a chance to meet Him yet, but I hope to. Idunn, Bragi’s wife is keeper of the golden apples which keep the Gods youthful. I feel as though Nanna and Idunn would have likely tended the orchards together.

It isn’t incredibly clear whether or not Hodr is Baldr’s Brother, half-Brother, or even related to Him as the different versions of Their story and Baldr’s death place the relationship in varying degrees of personal importance. Hodr may or may not be blind, and He may or may not have had a willful hand in Baldr’s death. It’s all up in the air!

There’s likely more I could get into, especially in terms of family, alas, I really can’t give you more information about Anyone than you can already find :p


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