A Month for Baldr – V – Family

So, I’m going to actually list Those Who I’ve met here, instead of going through the Family Tree (which you can easily find online anyhow).

I met Odinn a few years ago, I believe it was November 22, in 2012. I’ve spoken about this before, but He’s been such an anchor for me during some difficult times, frought with depression and flailing about since a thing that happened, and basically being done with music (at least for a while, it’s a fallow period).

Here’s where I share some of my own doxa, I believe Freyja=Frigg. Though there’s definitely a general distinction between the two (I’m not entirely sure myself if Freyja is Her younger Self, and Frigg Her older, or if there was some sort of split… something I suppose I’ll be pondering for a while, though She may show me at some point, who knows?), I feel that They at the very least stem from the same Person. For me, She’s been both at once, there’s a tempered feeling to the face I see of Her. Again, I’ve already spoken of this, but She has been such a role model, especially as a woman in what is still a shitty time to be a woman. Yes, we’ve gotten much better, but we still have a LONG way to go till we reach true equality.

I met Hel before I knew that Baldr was hanging around, though to be honest, He was popping up in my NaNoWriMo story last November. I haven’t really spent much time with Her, so I don’t have overly much to say.

Loki hasn’t really stayed around overly much for me, moreso for when I do readings for Lokeans (which there has been quite a high percentage of with all the readings I’ve done (You really do get around, eh, Loki? 😀 ). I very much get the feeling that whenever He comes around whilst I perform the readings, there’s a goofiness between Him and Baldr. He often sticks around for a while afterwards, and good times are to be had. TO BE HAD.

Ah Thor, the kick in the panster I needed 🙂 Thor has been pretty awesome with me, as I’ve also talked about before, lol. I met Him when I had cut myself off a bit from Baldr, Odinn, and Frija, so I wasn’t allowing myself to see what They were all like together, but I doubt He’d have come around if He didn’t care about His family. He is warm and so full of life, a perfect Person to come around and show you how to live in the moment and get things done, I must say.

So these are all Who I’ve met so far. They’ve really been wonderful, and I adore the sense of everyone looking out for each other I get when I get to see any Family interaction or They show me Their stories. There’s obviously many more I’d like to get to know in time, but again, there’s a lot of focus on just me and Baldr right now, and that’s totally fine by me 🙂


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