A Month for Baldr – IV – Favourite Myth/Myths

Here is where we fall short on what we know about Baldr. There are only a few stories left that are about my God, so there is not much to choose from. I’m not sure I can even say that I like either lore version of His death, and the charm to heal his horse’s leg is short, and not quite about Him. Even Snorri’s version of His death is pulled away from Him as a person, as we are shown what everyone else around Him does to try to keep Him safe. He doesn’t go out to save Himself in that version (I would argue because He had already accepted His life’s sacrifice, but I digress).

In Saxo’s version, I like that we see the fiery, impassioned with what could be love, or what could be lust, as one of His name’s meanings is concerning being a warrior. He is His Father’s Son. Yet, even in this story, Saxo doesn’t get into Baldr’s point of view, He’s portrayed simply as a warrior wanting a reason to fight.

I feel that this is where I very much want to hear His stories about what He’s done, where He’s been, what mischief He’s gotten Himself into. As a Son of Odinn, I’d expect no less from Him than crazy adventures, and more mischief.

So please forgive me for not being able to discuss a favourite story of Him, but I simply don’t have one. Yet.


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