A Month for Baldr – 9 – Faith

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’ve had my moments, or a few months, of doubting that I was ready for Baldr. I sit here and think how funny it is that when we don’t have, we desperately believe we should have; yet when we do, we feel we don’t deserve it. The Gods come when we’re ready, They have a bigger view of things. That’s not to say that Their timing is infallible, or that we won’t react much differently to what They thought we would. But I think after the long few years of being pretty depressed, and Odinn helping me out of that, bringing me back to my family in Ontario, and me now being pretty much free from a depressive episode for nearly a year, why should I not be ready now?

I have faith in Him, I have faith in myself that I can handle what o/Our relationship will bring to me, and to u/Us. I may question it at times, but I can’t simply ignore His presence in my life, which has been so tangible of late.


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