A Month for Baldr – 8 – Hope

It seems this is a post where I’ll be chatting about the topic, who knows if He’ll decide to chime in?

Hope and Baldr go hand in hand. We have what’s in the lore from Snorri, that after Ragnarok, Baldr will rule a better place. Honestly, I don’t really believe in Ragnarok, as I believe it to be a Christian overlay to help Scandinavians move on from their Gods and into the hands of their new one. Despite the fact that I think that, I do still believe that this idea of Baldr being our hope embodied has some significance, as we’ve allowed our view of Him to be shaped by Snorri’s myth reshaping.
Yet there also is a more substantial claim here that Baldr is hope, and that was that of Prince of Asgard, the next in line, though now He is in Hel, where I believe He was truly needed. Hope for Hel? Hope for relations and diplomacy? I haven’t yet heard that story, but we’ll see when He tells me.

In terms of hope and Baldr on a personal level, this links back to what I’ve said before about Him very much being a find-the-silver-lining kind of guy. There’s that, as well as seeing what could lie ahead that is of benefit to us. Also, our hard work going through difficult things can bring us to better situations eventually. Of course not all difficult things, He’s pretty practical, I must say. If it doesn’t work and has no foreseeable benefit, stop doing it.
If life seems dark and depleted of any hope, it will pass, but you also have to put in the work to get past it.


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