A Month for Baldr – II

How did you first become aware of Them?

A kick in the pants! As is typical. I had Beth do a reading for me at Yule, 2014. I had simply asked her what would the next year bring me, and it turns out, Baldr was what I was getting in 2015, of course along with some other things I won’t get into.
I had been working with Odin for a few years at that point, three I believe, and when I was journeying, more and more, the Person Who I assumed was Odin looked increasingly different everytime I went over. He looked the same enough that I just thought He was changing His mask, but definitely different. He appeared younger to me, and much brighter, not in glowy-ness, but in His appearance to me. It hadn’t even occured to me that Who I thought was Odin could be Someone else, but I see now that it was. To be fair, Baldr has a bid of His pa’s energy about Him. While a might more grounded (courtesy of His Mother), there’s still that wildness tossed in there for good measure.

I’m not entirely sure how long Baldr was hanging around before I finally found out it was Him, but I do know it was at least for a short while. This is likely something that I’ll find out later on, as I’m getting the feeling there’s a story behind it I don’t currently know.

In terms of being aware of Him, it must have been when I was doing the initial research a baby witch does after all the spellcraft research is glutted with information. Strangely enough, before Odin came into my life, I had always thought of Baldr as not quite belonging to the feel of the Norse pantheon, in that much of what I had read (which was not very much at all) made Him seem so very perfect. I’m not sure if that’s the right word, but I had only read that He was beloved, pure, light, and that He died tragically at a young age, separated from His family until Ragnarok.
After having done much more research since Odin came a knocking three and a half years ago, then Baldr Himself this past Yule, along with getting to know Him this past while, I realize we barely know anything about Him besides His death. And from how He’s been with me, He’s so much more complex than Snorri or Saxo had written about (since it was barely anything at all).


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