A Month for Baldr – I – Introduction

Ok, so here it is! I’m going to be doing the meme that Beth and Nono are doing for Odin and Loki, and just as an overview, here are the questions of that meme:

1. A basic introduction of the deity
2. How did you become first aware of this deity?
3. symbols and icons of this deity.
4. A favourite myth or myths of this deity.
5. Members of the family – genealogical connections
6. Other related deities and entities associated with this deity
7. Names and epithets
8. Variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.)
9. Common mistakes about this deity
10. Offerings – historical and UPG
11. Festivals, days, and times sacred to this deity
12. Places associated with this deity and their worship
13. What modern cultural issues are closest to this deity’s heart?
14. Has worship of this deity changed in modern times?
15. Any mundane practices that are associated with this deity?
16. How do you think this deity represents the values of their pantheon and cultural origins?
17. How does this deity relate to other gods and other pantheons?
18. How does this deity stand in terms of gender and sexuality? (historical and/or UPG)
19. What quality or qualities of this deity do you most admire? What quality or qualities of them do you find the most troubling?
20. Imagery that reminds you of this deity.
21. Music that makes you think of this deity.
22. A quote, poem, or piece of writing that you think this deity resonates strongly with.
23. Your own composition – a piece of writing about or for this deity
24. A time when this deity has helped you.
25. A time when this deity has refused to help.
26. How has your relationship with this deity changed over time?
27. Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered.
28. Something you wish you knew about this deity, but don’t currently.
29. Any interesting or unusual UPG to share?
30. Any suggestions for others just starting to learn about this deity?


And now for an introduction to Who Baldr is!

Baldr is widely known as the slain God. Light, and pure, and full of goodness, written lore has left us with a few versions of His death. Either Loki tricked Hodr, Baldr’s blind brother, into shooting mistletoe at Baldr and killing him; or in Saxo’s version, Baldr was merely demi-god, and was defeated by Hodr (also mortal in this version, and not the brother of Baldr) in battle over the hand of Nanna.

Unfortunately there isn’t much more written about Him outside of His death. There  is the Merseburg Incantations, or charms, however, which mentions Baldr, also referred to as Phol in the charm:

Phol and Wodan were riding to the woods,
and the foot of balder’s foal was sprained
So Sinthgunt, Sunna’s sister conjured it.
And Frija, Volla’s sister, conjured it.
And Wodan conjured it, as well he could:

Like bone-sprain, so blood-sprain, so joint-sprain:
Bone to bone,
Blood to blood,
Joints to joints,
So may they be mended.

And that’s pretty much it as far as written lore about Baldr goes. It’s unfortunate in a way because I wish we had written lore about all the Gods, even local land wights that were worshipped before we discovered the Gods. Alas, that is not the case.
The other way I see this, however, is that it provides me with a fresh perspective of mostly my own, without a million opinions and misinterpretations of His history and Who He is (well, if we’re talking lore, Who He was about a thousand years ago, since worship was no longer happening widespread for far too long).

So while I don’t have overly much to write about Him here, I kind of get to be introduced to many of the things that aren’t known about Him as o/Our relationship progresses. It is exciting 🙂 Along with this, is the fact that it doesn’t seem that many people are involved with Him, or at least nothing I can really find much of online. It’s interesting, to say the least.

But back on topic, other than this, I don’t have much to add here. I wrote about how He is with me the other day, and only time will show me what kind of Person He is as we unfold to each other.


2 thoughts on “A Month for Baldr – I – Introduction

  1. I considered doing the other meme (the one you had started with), but the writing prompts were a little too nebulous for me personally. (I’m too much of a Virgo; I need things pinned down.) This is a good start! I often wish there was LESS lore about Odin. On the one hand, lore can be useful; on the other, more lore means more misconceptions to potentially get in the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree so much with that sentiment. We like placing things, people, and our Gods into neat boxes, and it’s only ever things that can fit without too much hassle!
      And with Odin, we know a fair amount, which means that box becomes smaller to us, which I’m sure doesn’t impress Him, and other lore-heavy deities!

      I do appreciate that Baldr has taken over the less concrete meme, lol. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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