A Month for Baldr – 5 – Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is borne of love,
When those who have wronged against you are important enough,
Their reasons just enough, almost anything can be forgiven.
It is a powerful magic, and should never be taken lightly,
Those who easily forgive others who do wrong with malicious intent,
Where there is no love aflow between both hearts,
Only brings further damage to the one who forgives.

Forgiveness is not for the feint of heart.” 


You’d expect that this post would touch on His forgiving of Who had killed Him. Yet His death, and the circumstances around it, are not all of Who He is at all. At all.

In communicating with Him about today’s topic, He wants me to think about where forgiveness is right, where it belongs, and where it just doesn’t fit. It really only matters to forgive someone when the person actually holds any importance to you.
You aren’t going to go forgiving asshole drivers you don’t even know from cutting you off, are you?
The same sort of sentiment is applied to situations where you are working with someone, and there’s no real relationship outside of that work. There is no need to forgive your co-working for claiming ownership of one of your great ideas, it requires for you to now be wary of divulging anything to that person from that point forward. Forgiveness in that situation makes no sense. They’re just a self-serving dick. Your forgiveness won’t be sought out, and the only one who’d feel anything from it would be you, and then you’d be disappointed later on when they end up doing something else down the line.

No, that’s not where forgiveness is to be applied.

We have a strange relationship with forgiveness, us humans. We believe it to be some sort of thing to be achieved in every situation, for every wrong against us. That we need to “forgive and forget”. This is not helpful to either party. To forget it is to dismiss the lesson in it, both for the wrong-doer, and the slighted.

What Baldr wants me to know is that forgiveness is a process, it requires the pain of an important-to-us person’s maligned actions, it requires the fallout that occurs afterwards. Then comes the decision to make on how much the person means to us, what reparations they can make. There’s a lot of Gebo here, of making the connections between hearts flow equally once more. And both people here learn about each other more deeply.

It is not easy to forgive when those we love hurt us. Forgiveness is love at one of its highest capabilities, and nothing to take for granted.


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