A Month for Baldr – 4 – Beginning

When contemplating this post, I wasn’t really sure what sort of beginning I should write about with Baldr, o/Our beginning, His beginning in Asgard, or perhaps even His new life in Hel after His death.

As His Father’s Son, He very much has a sense of exploration, of seeking, adventure, intrigue; of finding new places, people. As a Prince of Asgard, being groomed in diplomatic relations (though as any young Prince, likely found Himself in trouble a time or two when bravado trumped wisdom).

Yet, that’s not what I want to talk about.

We’ve already talked about His and my beginning, so that’s no good here either.

He began His new life, cut off from His family when He died. Sent to Hel’s realm. And where some might think this was just the end of what He was, that He just hangs around Hel’s halls all day long, I very much believe He’s still off adventuring in the realm of the Dead.

And still, this is not what I want to talk about.
I want to talk about Baldr Himself, not His stories, His history, what His future could be. Baldr Himself is the essence of beginnings. He is very much light, like sunshine, nourishing seeds to push past the dirt covering them to bask in His rays. His personality, His presence very much supports you, warm and light as you embark on your own adventures. He urges you to find beauty in the world around you, which allows you to rediscover where you are again.
His energy is hopeful and encourages you to see the silver lining, to follow that light back into the sunshine.

“I am the beginning at the end.
I flourish where darkness lies
For my light shines, still.
Ever outwards,
For light never stops moving.”

And that’s what Baldr wanted to say.


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