A Month for Baldr – 1 – Who

I decided since July is not a very busy garden month, and I will need something other than weeding, cross-stitching Yule gifts, and wanting it to not be so damned hot out, to do in the meantime 🙂

So for today, I get to write about Who I’ve chosen to be my focus for the month. Clearly, since you are reading this, dear gentle reader, you already know Who I’m going to be writing about. Baldr, He of much brightness and joy. I won’t write overly much here as I will be getting into some interesting thoughts and experiences with Him over the coming weeks, but I will say I am excited about this. Also, He’d like you all to know He’s excited too. Though more on a personal level for our relationship… but seriously, He’s grinning 😀

For those of you who’d like to do this as well, here is where the meme is, though I’ll provide the jist of each day’s focus below:

1. Who? – Deity, spirit or chosen devotion for the month
2. How – How did you become involved with your devotional topic?
3. Together – Your relationship with your devotional topic
4. Beginning
5. Forgiveness
6. Light
7. Dark
8. Hope
9. Faith
10. Soul
11. Happiness
12. Sadness
13. Transformation
14. Understanding
15. Companionship
16. Friendship
17. Love
18. Anger
19. Memories
20. Loyalty
21. Weakness
22. Strength
23. Blessing
24. Comfort
25. Knowledge
26. Growth
27. Balance
28. Lost
29. Encouragement
30. Ending
31. Dear – A concluding personal letter to your devotional topic.

So I hope you’ll join me in chatting about Who, and even what you are devoted to for a month, as I always love reading memes like this where prompts can bring up all sorts of treasures about how we all interact and love our Gods/spirits/etc.


2 thoughts on “A Month for Baldr – 1 – Who

  1. Hmm, very interesting meme! Seems pretty different from several I’ve seen (and attempted to do) in the past. (I tried doing the Pagan Blog Project and the 30 Days of Devotion; I got much further in the latter than in the former.) I’m curious about how this works, do you take the word, say, friendship, in the context of yourself and Baldr? Blessings.

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    • That’s pretty much what I’m thinking for the post, just discussing what the words evoke for me about Him, and I suppose I’ll even be listening to anything He tells me as well.

      I hear you about doing the memes, pbp was always for me “do it when you like” since it’s there all year round. I think if one were inclined, you could take something like a 30 day meme and stretch out our over a period of weeks…. But then I don’t think I’d finish lol.


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