My Odin, and other People’s Odins

So much yes.
I think a lot of issues with trying to have what someone else has, or thinking you or others are DOING IT WRONG because no two relationships look exactly alike, could be quelled if we could just accept that the Deity I get is not exactly the same as the One you get. That my history and experiences with Them are not yours. And in a simple term, my inside jokes with Them will be different than yours.

The other issue I feel that often gets brought into play too frequently is the fact that we want to be right, we want to have THE TRUTH, THE WAY, and if it looks different than someone else’s, they’re wrong. And since the Gods and spirits cannot come and incarnate just to tell us all for good who’s right and wrong in a way for everyone to plainly see and accept, it will remain a might sticky when one person’s perception of a Deity is quite different, or doesn’t make sense to another. (Also, look how misinterpreted and misrepresented the bible is, even if the Gods came to sort it out once and for all, everyone would interpret Their words to best suit themselves anyway :P)

What is so important to keep in mind is that the Gods cannot (and will not) be squished into a neat little box with Their name on it. They are expansive, growing, and evolving Beings, as are we in our much smaller capacity. It is a disservice to Them, and a disservice to ourselves to try to make my version of the Gods match up 100% laser cut perfection with yours.

Beth said it wonderfully, that even we have different roles and ways of interacting with each person in our lives, depending on the relationship, history, and shared interests.


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