Squee! And A Few Free Readings!


**UPDATE: There are two free readings left!**

I got my Mucha tarot deck today! I ordered it at the end of April, and for some reason or other, Amazon couldn’t send it to me in the middle of the month as estimated. I don’t mind the waiting, there’s been a lot going on anyway, but super YAAAAY!

The cards are so beautiful, well, how could I not think so since I love Mucha’s paintings? I also really like how they’ve been coated, I feel like I likely will not have to repurchase the deck for quite some time. Unfortunately with my Wildwood deck, I know if I continue using them all of the time as I do now, I will be purchasing another deck at some point as the corners, especially, like to peel.

But anyway, look at the pretty!! The colour palettes are lovely, just, just everything about them is beautiful 😀

So… I will be offering some free tarot readings for those of you who comment here. I am offering 5 readings, for which I will need your email address as I will send you a pdf with pictures and the reading itself (just as I do in my shop). If you would like to ask a question and don’t want anyone to know what that is, you can email me at theforestwitch@live.com.
I would like to use the spreads I use for my shop, so if you could please tell me what spread you would like, I will happily do that for you. I have deity readings, love readings, self readings, career readings, and a few general readings.

Happy readings!!!! 😀


9 thoughts on “Squee! And A Few Free Readings!

  1. Well dammit. My laptop is hell-bent on backspacing (it does that and other things…) and, thereby, erasing my comments!! In any case. I wanted to ask if you were full-up on your the readings. Blessings

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  2. You know, I’ve been wanting to comment here for a while, but haven’t. I’d love a reading, and would gladly offer one in trade. I’d also share your info for others. As for the type, I’ll leave that up to you. Whatever you feel I need, and whatever the swapped reading would be worth to you, just factor that into your choice. 🙂 I’ll send my email address in a separate message to the email posted above.

    Thank you, and many blessings for continued success!!

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