Water – TPE

We are beings of water, but do we really honor it as element, physiologic need and the beginnings of our lives as humans? How do you honor water? How will you ensure its ebb and flow?

This week’s prompt is all about water, an element and substance I well love.

As a physiological need, I feel that those who have the power to control how it is used are being completely driven by what kind of money they’ll make from it now (hello, capitalism, you little shit). Case in point, California, a state which has been suffering from drought going on its fifth year (if it keeps up over this coming summer), has been a water source for bottled water companies.

How is this sustainable?

Water is being leached away from an already very dry area, there is no giving back, which is making the drought worse. I just. Can’t. Even.

Why is it that people never remember any important lessons, or apply actual intelligence in planning for the future? Why is it that we seem to only selfishly think about ourselves and what will gratify us right now? And in this case, it’s money. It usually is these days.

We’re not necessarily hurting the Earth, She can survive without us quite well, but we most definitely are destroying the future for our descendants as well as other non-human creatures and plants who also live here with us.
And for the thing we need the most of, we do a shitty job of ensuring it will be renewed sustainably in the future.

Ok, let’s move on to the more personal thoughts of water. I don’t particularly like to dwell on terrible things for overlong.

Water to me is just as powerful as the forest. Those are the places that resonate with me, and where they meet each other is truly a magickally powerful piece of land for me. I very much miss living on the lake as when I did when my family first moved to Ontario when I was a child. That was my favourite place, will likely remain my favourite place till I die. It didn’t help that the town is highly influenced by its Scottish heritage, which calls to me too, though I digress.

The water there was a powerful place, no matter if I was at the beach, or visiting small streams that ran through the town. That’s where I went to be alone, to contemplate, to lose myself in emotions when they boiled over, to enjoy myself swimming with my sister and friends. Every day I was at the beach if the weather allowed it. Even when it rained, I couldn’t keep away. I would go down, walking along the pier and marvel at the storm clouds moving out on the endless expanse of water.

I am pulled to the water, as though a place of rest, a place of joining with it on this plane and others. It is a beginning and an end for me. We are water, most of our bodies are made of water, and to ignore this, to ignore our complete reliance, to ignore that we are submissive to it, is folly. It may seem gentle, yet it can easily overcome and swallow us down into its depths. Depths we still have no idea how far down they reach.

In this, I see where we have linked water to emotions. We express feelings welling up, boiling, we release water from our eyes when they become too much. It is because we are water that those emotions move through us in crashing waves, or gentle drops. Our bodies are naturally attuned to water, to the energies of it.
Yet we abuse it.

Now I realize those who are reading this blog are likely of a more nature-friendly (at the least) bent. So the we is not necessarily you and me, I know, but you and I do need to fight against those who truly do abuse water, and all other resources we require to live and enjoy life. I do what I can in my small way. I refuse to buy bottled water. I sign what I can in petition against corporations or entities that would abuse water and harm ecosystems, and in the future, our own children and their children.

Water is essential. Without it, we would not exist as we do, or be able to survive overly long.


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