Grand Opening… Coming Soon!

So it became quite clear to me not even a week into offering the tarot readings that yes, this is something that I need to be doing, not only because I enjoy it and it seems others think I’m good at it too, but my Gods are pushing me towards this.

There’s a definite sense of the divination and especially the connecting people with their Gods/Spirits as something that will lead to something more down the road. Having the opportunity to do it on a regular basis for people other than myself is going to keep that mindset at the forefront for me.

So in celebration of the shop opening up, I’m offering a 20% discount to my readers, you can share it with friends you know who are in need of a reading too. It will expire June 1, but I will only have the post and information about it up until April 1. So write down the coupon code and favourite my shop so you don’t forget where it is, and I will be happy to be doing your readings soon!

The shop will be up and running on March 18th.

My shop:


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