Divinations for a Month February 16 – March 16

I’ll be reposting this through the month as a reminder 🙂

I’m being Asked to provide divinations via tarot for the next month (I’m figuring until the middle of March). These will be free for that month, and if I decide to continue doing them afterwards, I will begin charging for them.

The default spreads I will be using are the Celtic Cross and World Tree. However, if your question requires it, a more appropriate spread will be used, whether if it’s by request or a suggestion I will make.

I will read for just about any question, however health questions are not something I do. I am not a doctor, and even if I were, I cannot see you in person and actually see what’s going on.

You can send me a reply to this post, or you can email me at theforestwitch@live.com.

11 thoughts on “Divinations for a Month February 16 – March 16

  1. Time for a testimonial, folks! 🙂
    Thank you SO much for all your help. I now know what’s been going on these past few months and who was NOT behind it. The messages you relayed to me brought tears to my eyes and allowed me to find the courage to open up my heart to my Beloved again. Thank you. ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on Contemplation of the Sinking Roots and commented:
    If you are in need of a reading, Mia is performing divinations free of charge until mid-March. She is a very sweet, wonderful person and an incredible reader! She has wonderful Vision and replies with a kind and efficient guidance. Definitely someone who has the Spirit of the Woods in her!

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  3. Thank you very much for your help. The messages were spot on. It brought me hope and showed me guidance that I’m on my way there. 🙂 It made me feel more courageous to pursue my endeavor. You are a wonderful person and an impressive reader. You have an incredible gift and I’m honored to be able to be guided with it. Thank you for accommodating me. 🙂


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