Carving out Space

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about having a spot to write, to edit, a place to read my tarot, and do general witchy/mundane things. The Man and I’ve been chatting about getting nice furniture and what we’d like our spaces to look like (the which he doesn’t care about, so long as things are comfortable and not uber expensive, which leaves me to worry about the look of things, etc., which is more than fine with me!).
We are going to be getting a queen size bed (he’s too hot to sleep with more often than not, the furnace!), a nice reclining couch (in a dark, stain-hiding colour for when the future children come along), some sort of tv stand/storage unit, and a desk for me.

I was perusing desks, and thankfully I saw a standing desk (of course very expensive), but it reminded me I’ve wanted a standing desk. So after doing some perusing on the interwebs, I found some of the usual hacks for Ikea desks and such, and found out that they give you the option to buy the legs you like and the top you like separately. That was awesome thing number one. Awesome thing number two is that they have Finnvald legs, which look like saw horses, and have adjustable height dodads. And they’re made of wood, but I digress.


The legs I got are just plain wood, and the table top is a very dark brown.

So the only thing I will have to do is go out and buy some pieces of wood and replicate the adjustable wood pieces as they’re going to be a little too short for me, though not by that much (the table all on its own comes up to 36″ max, but my elbows bend at 40″, which is where you want it to be so that when you’re typing, it’s a 90 degree angle). The wood pieces will be super easy to procure, and I’m sure my fafa has a drill, so I will be set! And I may need something to set my laptop up on so that the screen is at eye height, but that will be an easy fix. It should be arriving at the end of next week šŸ™‚

I’m excited to have a space I can have my things, as the Man’s desk is super messy, and not very big anyway. It will save me from getting angry that he’s leaving garbage all over the desk. I will be able to have my binder with my written notes on the stories I’m working on beside me and easily accessible, my laptop for more heavy duty editing, and space for my journaling. I’m expecting an increase of witchy things being done as well, such as spells and easier tarot reading. There have been a few spells I’ve needed to be doing for too long now.

It’s important to have a space you can do the things, without worry of being in the way, or not having the space to sprawl out as needed. Sitting cozy on the couch while writing my stories is fine, but it doesn’t work for when I need to go through what I wrote and take notes to make sure I have references to the plot and details. Going out to the kitchen table while other people are in the house (we live with my parents and another roommate who is a friend of theirs) pretty much all the time is just not feasible. The roommate does not explicitly know I am witchy, and they usually ask what I’m doing whenever I’m in the kitchen. Detracts from the magick.

Another great thing about having this space of mine is that I’m not going to really be able to see the TV and be distracted by the Man’s constant YouTube watching. He watches people playing video games, they’re colourful and interesting, not good for someone who’s trying to write and the laptop screen isn’t big enough to block the TV. So I’ll be able to pop in my ear buds, and type away when the Man is up during the day on his weekends.

I’ll have pictures up when I’m all set up, I hope it doesn’t take too long. I may not get the wood to make longer adjustable pieces right away since I won’t be too much taller than what I need, and we’ll see about making a stand for the big laptop (I have a tablet with a keyboard that I’ve been using as my main writing tool). I’m just really excited to have my own desk again, a place to be organized the way I want, a space where no one else will be coming in and messing up. Life is good šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Carving out Space

  1. A standing up desk should be that, not sone sort of make do. Check the Herrington catalog. They have some for US 350 if I remember correctly. And memory is not trustworthy a my age. šŸ™‚

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    • I agree to a point, but I really can’t justify spending that much one one. The ones at that price point aren’t very pretty either that I’ve seen :p
      How I’ll be setting up mine won’t be much different from the legit standing desks, even if I had the money, I still think it’s weird to spend that much on a desk with longer legs, lol.


    • It definitely could be something to look into. And yes, a very, very cushy mat!
      I did a makeshift standing desk when we still lived on the west coast when I was doing a bit of transcription and I really liked it, though I didn’t have a mat, I wore my sneakers. So I’m super excited to have one again, this time bare feet compatible, and much nicer to look at šŸ™‚
      One interesting thing I noticed was that my body was warmer, in particular my toes, so that could also be a good thing for you!


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