February for Manannan – 8 Update on His Statue


So, it looks like the council of Limavady are looking to replace the statue of Manannan. They’re even thinking of making it 2-3 times bigger than the original!
They’re still chatting about this, of course, and basically have three options, the first is just replacing Manannan, the second would be replacing the entirety of the sculpture of Manannan on the boat, and the third would be to create the larger statue.
I’m very happy they’re already planning for the replacement of the statue so soon after the theft, and that they’re considering an even larger one as a “fuck you” to the jerks who stole it. Just because you don’t believe in the Gods doesn’t mean They have not been an important part of your people’s history. Not to mention just the purely economical view of this, in that the statue was bringing in tourism, strengthening the economy of the area. Duh.
This is clearly no longer a time where “one true” religions can come in and try to wipe out the native Gods/spirits/beliefs.

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