February for Manannan- 7 A Ritual to Pay the Rent


by Erwan Seurelebihan http://erwan.seurelebihan.free.fr

Traditionally, the Manx people offered Manannan reeds, meadow grasses, and yellow flowers at Midsummer. They would pray for His aid and protection in fishing as well. This is known as “paying the rent”. Manannan mac Lir is considered the first King of the Isle of Man, and all subjects of His would pay their due to the King.

The following is a solitary Midsummer rite, but could very easily be adapted to a group rite.

Midsummer Rite of Mannanan mac Lir

by John Machate

NOTE: Anything in italics is a note to the ritualists.

This rite is written for solitary individuals who have access to a space where they can dig a sacrificial pit, preferably neara river or stream bank. I made it as simple as possible since mystream is in a public area I do not want to alarm others nor damage the local flora with lots of ritual and things. Thanks to Erynn Laurie. The material here is based on her Midsummer Rite of Mannanan mac Lir which is for groups.

Items needed

image or symbol of Manannan
alter cloth
Symbols for Land, Sea and Sky (I use my Circle of Stones to represent all 3)
milk or other offering liquid
libation vessel
The item you wish to offer Mannanan (you will not get this back)


Dig a small hole, about 1 foot deep near the space you plan to work. If you are working near a river bank or stream then the hole should go as close to the water as possible. Place your alter cloth on the ground with the Realm items arranged as such: Sky object is at the north. Sea is at the southwest. Land is at the southeast. If using the Circle of Stones, place it in the southeast, as it takes up a lot of room. The symbol of Mannanan should be to the north. Place the libation bowl, with the liquid offerng in it, nearby. I put it in the southwest.

The Center Point

Stand quietly facing the north and relax with your hands resting at your sides. Clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in and out slowly and follow along with this meditation, which will place you in the center of the cosmos.

“I am at the center of the world” 
Exhale, move to one knee with palms on the ground before you 
“I stand firmly upon the land” 
Inhale and rise to your feet, moving the hands behind at hip height, palms up, cupping. Exhale and move the hands in an arc until they meet in front. 
“The sea always surrounds me”
Inhale, move the hands to the sides, spread the fingers wide, palms forward. Exhale and raise the arms, bringing the hands together above the head, thumb & forefinger meeting to create a triangle.
“The sky spreads itself above me”
Inhale, lower the hands to the heart again.
“I am at the center of the Three Realms.”
Exhale and lower the hands to the sides


Manannan mac Lir, Lord of the Mist, Ruler of Tir na mBam, Guardian of the gate of the Otherworld. I come to offer you tribute and thanks. I ask you to open the gate and come forth to receive my tribute.

A good place to pause

Family and spirits, join me in this tribute and stand as witness to my offering to the Lord of the Mists.


Moving to the pit

On the day of Midsummer, the people of the Isle of Mann go to the top of the highest hill to pay rent to the first king of their island, Manannan mac Lir, Lord of the Waves, Son of Nine Mothers.

On this day of Midsummer, I stand before Manannan as well, to give tribute and sacrifice in honor of him who keeps the Gates between the worlds.

Mannanan, accept this, my sacrifice and tribute to you.

Drop the tribute into the pit and fill the pit back

Family and spirits, accept my offering of (insert liquid here) with thanks for allowing me to use your space.

Pour offering into the ground


Manannan a Thiarna, accept my offerings and bless me through this year as I depart from your blessed realm. Allow my family to return to the Otherworld as you close the Gate and I close this rite.


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