February for Manannan


I’m going to be posting something for Manannan every day (or as close to as possible) this month. Galina has come up with this fantastic idea after some assholes stole a beautiful statue of Manannan Mac Lir on January 21. I’m doing this because I completely agree with Galina that when something like this happens, “let veneration of the Powers increase a thousandfold”.

Yes, and yes, and yes to this.

How else should we react to something so incredibly disgusting? How else did those fuckers think we would react? By becoming scared and coming back over to their “one true way”? They have another thing coming if they think that by stealing
1. an image of a Power, Whom many people’s ancestors venerated, Whom people still work with today, and even current Christians of the area still believe in in that interesting way the natural religion of the British Isles was kept within their Christianity, and
2. a work of art that John Darren Sutton had worked for months on, which brought tourism to the area along with the other sculptures along the path

is going to endear others to their religion. I hardly think Jesus would approve. He was a hippy, love-centered guy; this is not for love of your God. This is from that horrendous instilled fear of other that the Church has drilled into people for far too long, which allows people to lose their own humanity and sympathy for others, whether or not they agree. Ugh.

So I shall stop being angry about it, and go find some things to post for Manannan.

May they find the statue unharmed.
May those fuckers pay for their defilement.
May Manannan Mac Lir be hailed manyfold!
Hail Manannan Mac Lir!

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