Questions about marrying gods or spirits?

So very yes!!! If you have any questions about god-spousery, whether they’re questions you had when starting out you wish there had been information on, or questions you have now that you’re just starting out, or you’re curious about god/spirit marriages, now is the time to ask!
Jo and Beth are writing a book about god/spirit marriage!! Something very much needed as there has been a god/spirit marriage ‘splosion on the interwebs, and so little solid information.
I think this is a fantastic idea by these two lovely ladies, and am very much looking forward to reading it!

Strip Me Back to the Bone

I haven’t talked about it because I’m a tad superstitious when it comes to talking about writing projects before a certain amount of work has gone into them, but Beth has talked about it, so why not?

We’re writing a book on Sacred Marriage.

(Most important to note: we’re writing a book on our experiences of being godspouses for the last decade and then some. We are writing the book we wish there had been when we started upon this path. It is not meant to be an authoritative “this is how you must do it” book — anyone whose run into us should hopefully know by now that that’s not how we roll. We are far more in the “this is what works for us,” camp.)

Part of the book will be addressing questions, so if you have any to ask, now’s your chance! I’m not saying will cover…

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