Hail to the Powers of the Sea!

This, I can’t even, just… UGH! People can suck.
What Jo has to say is just so very yes.

Strip Me Back to the Bone


So, this happened recently in Ireland.

In general, I’m a pretty easy going polytheist. There are some out there with whom I agree on many points, but whose hostility toward monotheism I don’t agree with. I have found things of beauty and inspiration within a variety of the monotheistic faiths — even if I don’t quite get the whole monotheism thing itself — and I have known beautiful people whose beauty has been in part inspired by their relationship with their god. My “beloved to those I love” part of my extended family includes Jesus, a variety of saints, and a somewhat uneasy inclusion of Jehovah. I cannot — I will not — look at the bloody past between the monotheists, especially the Christians, and our pagan ancestors, because they gave as good as they got. I do not have some idyllic view of our oppressed pagan ancestors. People are…

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