Chapter Two will be hitting inboxes in a couple of weeks!

Hello, dear gentle readers!
I’m coming to you live from my ick (which has left me quite sleep deprived, so if I say something weird, please forgive me, and don’t let it reflect on the point of this reblog!).

Jolene Dawe, a pagan author if you don’t know already, has a story subscription going on since June or July (I cannot remember at the moment… ick). Each month she sends out at least 4000 words worth of a story. Right now, she’s sharing with subscribers the current novel she is writing, and let me tell you, it is good (and we’ve only got the first chapter).

Jo is a fantastic storyteller, everything is described beautifully, every moment feels so real, and visceral at times. There are lots of amazing depictions of emotion, and of course, much fantastical happenings in her worlds. Every month I’ve received a part of a story, I’ve been left wanting more. I pine about it for a week afterwards. For serious. Sometimes I have even left one in my inbox until the next month comes out so that I have more to devour. Then the wanting is worse… 😉

So, if you are interested, it’s 5$ per month, but the scale slides, so if you want to pay more, go right ahead! I usually pay for a few months at a time. Also, if you are already a subscriber, you can get a friend to sign up, and they get the first chapter of the current novel she’s writing (which was released as a subscription for January), for free! So your friend can not be left out and know what the beginning of the story is!

And I guess that is all! I cannot recommend her subscription enough!

The Saturated Page

Just a reminder that the second chapter in A Marriage of Land and Sea will be going live on February 1st! If you signed up and didn’t receive your first chapter, I hope you’ll let me know. I did switch to a different email account for this, and there were a few (operator caused) snafus in the process. (My apologies!)

If you missed chapter one, it’s not too late! Just send along a request as well as your preferred format with your payment choice, and I’ll send that out to you within 24hrs. Also — and this is for chapter one only at this point — if you’re signing up for chapter two and you’ve got a friend who you think might be interested, send their email and preferred format along and I’ll send them out chapter one, at no cost to you or them! My thanks for your…

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