Now that Yule is all done, and all the gift giving done, I wanted to share the rest of what I knitted for Yule this year 🙂 I made some interesting things I have never knitted before, including the stranded items I made for my MIL, a scarf hoodie, and my first finished shirt (I’ve got one and a half sleeves left on the sweater I began in the late summer for myself :P).


A cowl, tam, and mitts for my SIL


A hoodie scarf for my sissy


And a very colourful sweater for my niece 🙂


Sleeve detail

My mama’s sweater will be done soon, Re: this is why I’m starting way early for this years coming Yule! But she doesn’t mind, she’s always put us kids first, so from the very beginning of my knitting frenzy she said to knit hers last. It’s quite a lovely dark blue, and I’m doing cable work with it.

I love that this year has had me do some knitting I’ve never done before: colourwork, double-sided knitting, and sweaters/shirts/things other than socks, scarves, and mitts. It’s been great, and I’m excited that I have more tools under my knitting belt now!


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