December is Quiet Online

Norwegian style hat, mitts, and scarf I made for my MIL.

Norwegian style hat, mitts, and scarf I made for my MIL. The scarf is reversable.

At least for me, since I’m spending so much time preparing for Yule. I’ve been knitting almost non-stop since December rolled in. In November it was lots of writing and knitting, now it’s knitting and thinking. I am definitely going to get back to writing when things have died down and my Yule gifts are finished as this story desperately wants to be put down on paper. DESPERATELY. I think on it often, seeing what needs to change in order to make things fit, but knowing that as I write it, I will not go back to edit until it is done.

So this is a rather rambly post, please forgive me for that! I have been quite tired as of late. But I am excited for Yule, I have some things planned out this year for Mother’s Night, the Solstice, and then there’s the family Christmas dinner on the 26th, and New Year, and then another Christmas dinner with the Man’s family on the 3rd. I am thinking there are daily things to be observed during the 12 days of Yule. Nothing super ostentatious, but I am happy for it nonetheless. I am also happy for our first Yule season back with family, though I am missing my Vancouver chosen family and think of them often lately.

I suppose this is a catching you up with where I am at kind of post. Yep.

There is also something that is on the horizon for the next year that I am excited, scared, but really delighted about in a few different ways, that could come to pass for me. You will know when it is time, for now, it’s for me to let happen in its own time, that is if it does happen. I’m so vague. Good Gods, I should have just stopped this post before I started.

So as far as my Yuletide plans, there is some apple-cider jelly to be made, a gingerbread house and cookies, and some Scottish shortbread. Then I believe for New Year’s day, I will be making us some duck. Yum. I miss duck. But it truly is a treat. And right now, it’s knitting, mostly. So I shall get back to that and bid you à les dieux.


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