Picking Up Steam for NaNoWriMo

I am readily admitting I have had quite a few days of feeling like my story was crap, that my writing was crap (and I’m going to say that some of it is, that’s why we edit). Right now, though, I know that the story just needs to get on the page, the many, many pages. I am now only roughly 550 words behind, which I am very confident will not be an issue. If I only go for what the daily word count requirements just to hit the 50,000, that 550 words can spread out over the last 5 days with not even a second thought.

A big thing I know will be going into the rewrite is the more sensual writing that was happening more when I first began NaNoWriMo. It came easier when my head wasn’t so bogged down by this huge story that has landed in my lap. Like I said, right now is just for getting it down. It’s very much on the more basic side, the kind of he said and she said dialogues, and not enough detail of what I see in my mind’s eye. Also, once NaNo ends, I will still have over half the story left to write, so I am far from done, but I am still very excited about it. I found an app that I have been using this month, and will continue to do so, that allows me to track my writing word counts and set goals for specific dates. Since December is going to be busy time, I am aiming to get it all written by the end of January at the latest. Then perhaps I will be taking some time off from it, and then it’s time to edit.

What I also wanted to share is that Loki has finally come along in the story, though there were very brief appearances in the first third of the novel. How could he not be in the story when his brother is a main character? I’m enjoying writing him, his interactions with my lady main character, and am looking forward to writing his interactions with Odin.
What’s also interesting is that I am writing beyond the point that I had pre-planned, so I am just allowing things to come to me as they come. Of course the overarching plot is always in mind.

So I leave you at that, dear gentle reader. An excerpt will arrive at the end of this week. And to my fellow Wrimos, whether you will reach the goal or not, you still rock! You got some words out, and that’s what matters ❤

2 thoughts on “Picking Up Steam for NaNoWriMo

  1. YAY NANO!!! Seriously, this is awesome. I can’t wait until we get to read it. Are you planning on shopping it around? Or indie-releasing? Do you accept bribes? 😉 Lemme see!!!!

    *cough* I mean, YAY NANO!!


    • Hahahaha!!! I always enjoy reading your replies 😉
      I have no idea yet what I’m going to do! Perhaps I will try shopping around to see if anyone will pick it up, see what they think. If they give me some good feedback I will take it into consideration and perhaps tweak it. As for indie releasing… I hate promoting things, especially since I would likely have to do all of my promoting… I stink at keeping up with social media. I am an antisocial hermit at heart, and it tires me just thinking about having to take that on! 😛

      Bribes, hmm… haven’t thought of that one yet, seems like it could be a viable option! 😉 Yay NaNo indeed! 😀


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