Week Three of NaNoWriMo

Well, it seems this week went better than last, though I’m not really sure anymore. It’s all a mushy blur in my mind now. There’s no coherency except in the writing. And that is fine with me! The people who I speak to everyday know by now not to expect me to be incredibly eloquent anymore, I often forget what words to use. MY BRAINS IS MUSH 😛 But a happy mush 🙂

One last point, last night, I finally realized that I was only a third of the way through this novel’s story arc. It was a weird heaviness, but also added some kindling to the fire. While I am aiming for the 50,000 words for November, the entirety of this story is more likely going to be around 100,000 words, probably longer, depending on where the next two thirds of the story take me.

We walked our way out, down the long ramp and out the wide gates that were half closed. The sky was still so very dark, but it seemed like no drop of rain had come down yet. We wouldn’t go far anyhow, as I was completely clueless as to the lay of this land. Once past the fences, Gilli decided we needed a gallop, and we ran, the winds carrying our hair wildly. I let her run this way and that, not really guiding her at all. She stopped to look off into the distance over here, then ran over there to eat at some flowers. It was so nice to be out and doing something physical, and now that I had more time to look, I did.

There seemed to be a half ring of mountains, of which, we were riding in the middle of. Though from my balcony I could see only cloud at all times, from here, I could see the land now, and despite the dark clouds above, it was a green land, lush, I could see a small village much further down the slope of this meadow, and farmland surrounding the houses made tiny with distance. It reminded me of home.

I looked away before tears welled up in me. Gilli was now more interested in eating the flowers than running around. I let her know I was getting off, and jumped down. She stayed close, and I walked around, stretching my own legs. Then I began thinking, it felt like the first time in a while that I had had the time to do such a thing. I traced all the threads of events that had happened in the last few weeks, then searched for their beginnings before then. I knew it wasn’t possible for me to know the entirety of this thing, but I felt like something was missing, something I should already know.

I didn’t realize how lost in thought I had become until someone appeared before me. I yelped as I almost ran into him, his hands coming up to steady me, wrapping around my forearms.

“Are you alright?” he asked with an amused smile. I couldn’t help smiling as I caught my breath.

“Where did you come from?” I was exasperated, though couldn’t refute my focus had not exactly been on the world around me.

“From the village. I’m glad to see you out with Gilli. I’m also glad she seems to stay close by when you’ve lost all attention to the world around you,” his smile turned into a smirk.

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