Week Two of NaNoWriMo

Welp, this week was a lot harder. I’m now only under a thousand words over the daily goal. The difficulty seemed to ease up over the past two days. Le sigh. It was a slog, I tell you, a slog. I blame part of it on hormones (which usually make me unfocused around my moon time), and an icky stomach ache over the later part of the week (which I believe to be a wheat intolerance issue which has just sort of popped up to say hello… kind of like when a couple years ago, I was suddenly allergic to bananas. FML, I  WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, FRENCH BREAD!!!). Now I’ve begun excluding wheat things (I realized this comes right before baking season too….) and will check in about a month if wheat is going to keep being a jerk to my tummy.

Despite a kind of crappy week in a few areas, I have made good progress on my Yule gift knitting! Except now the store I got my yarn from doesn’t currently have the specific colour of yarn I need to finish one of my items. Yep, this is just not a great week for me, I have angered Someone, perhaps, or it could just be a time of things not going so well. Oh well, c’est la vie, non?

So I am posting a little excerpt, smaller than last week’s. This week has definitely brought me to the point where I was like “What the hell am I doing with these characters? Where the hell is this story going?” yeah, I lost sight a bit. Probably another thing to add to the list of reasons why my word count died. But I shall not dwell on it! I have big plans for this story!

Without further ado….

I stepped up to them, solemnly, and spoke before the closed gates.

“I wish to speak with my ancestors, the blood of my blood. I seek one who knows the spellsongs to protect, to keep evil from harming. With your permission, Hel, I wish to enter,” my voice rang out, echoing back to me in a distorted manner, as though many echos, or many people, repeated what I had said at arhythmic intervals. I stood before the gates a few moments until my voice’s echos turned into whispers then silence.

The large metal gates creaked open before me, not so much for need of oil, but the sheer weight of them rubbing against their hinges. I stepped through, and entered Hel’s realm. It seemed changed somehow, though I could not detect why I felt that way. I entered the gardens, a long pathway running from the gate to a massive hall in the distance. It seemed the same since last I had come.

The same twilight blanketed this land, the same hush and peace could be felt. The plants that grew here seemed healthy, blooms could be seen wherever the eye fell. The mounds were undisturbed, the lanterns that revealed small patches of the gardens glowed their dim greenish light. Yet something was different. Something was wrong.

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