Christmas is a cannibal!

I cannot agree more with Jo! We went to the local big box store last night, and the dancing Santa, those terrible meaningless Secret Santa type gifts were shoved in your face, along with the entire store pushing it’s Christmas crack. I tried as best I could to drown out the music playing on the speakers. It is not Yuletide yet, it is not time to think about this. And people wonder why I don’t enjoy shopping.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

For those of you not in the know: my day job is in retail. Now, thank the gods this is not a mall or department store retail job. Despite that, we do a brisk business for Christmas, and our merchandise planning reflects that. I know that the retail season is months ahead of the actual calender year, and to a point that makes sense, right? You don’t want your shopping options to only expand come mid-December, not with the way we all have to budget and plan and save, and stuff. (I mean, it would be one thing if these dates were fixed, right, because then there’d be the whole year to consider what was coming, but since they’re not . . . oh, wait.) Now, I know it seems like every year it gets worse and worse – though this year, I think at least at the place I…

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4 thoughts on “Christmas is a cannibal!

  1. Well bah humbug to you lovely! I am in absolute shock to hear such words coming from your mouth! Ahh Christmas is the most magical and memorable time of year 🙂 filled with children singing, family and friends gathering for a time that once was and all the beautiful snowflakes and carriage rides. How can you hate Chrsitmas? Maybe I am missing part of this conversation lol and I feel partly left out but please tell me you don’t hate the holidays. It’s a time to feel young at heart again and sure the big corporations try to cash in on that but that’s when your own self control has to come in.

    Don’t break my heart before the big day lol 😦 xoxo love you


    • You have nothing to worry about, madear! I love the Yuletide season, but in its proper time!!!! I want all the Yule/Christmas/Holidays of December to remain in December. I hate seeing anything to do with it in September, I hate the consumerism of it. November for me is for remembering the Dead. I don’t want to think about the things that concern the winter solstice yet, it’s not time for that.
      But don’t you worry, once Dec 1 comes, I will be listening to the lovely jazzy carols, decorating my place, and making lots of goodies. But not before then! 😉


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